Traveling in the Off-Season (or "Why You Should Consider Winter in Croatia!")

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At ToursByLocals, we notice a definite correlation between the changing of the seasons and the varying popularity of destinations. Everyone wants to go to Europe in the summer months and our guides there are extremely busy right through early Autumn. As the leaves start falling in the Northern Hemisphere, suddenly inquiries about the Caribbean and South America pick up, and our guides in warmer climates prepare for their busy time.

If you’re a traveler who wants to avoid the crowds, the best thing to do is go against the grain and travel to your favourite destinations in the off seasons. Fewer people consider heading to Germany in December (although they should: wait for our upcoming article on Christmas Markets!) or to hot and sunny climes when it’s already warm in their own backyard.

One of our local guides in Croatia has recently put together a 5-day tour to entice people to visit the Balkans in the off-season. It’s true that the region’s legendary beaches will not be a part of your itinerary (at least not for swimming!) but the same rich and diverse culture, history and cuisine is waiting to be discovered. Indeed, it’s easier to have a more “local” experience in the off-season, as you’re more likely to be rubbing shoulders with Croatians rather than cruise ship passengers.

In Croatia’s winter, the weather is cool enough that walking all day is feasible, meaning your tour can be that much more packed with educational sightseeing rather than rest stops. And compared to winter in the mid-western U.S. or much of Canada, it’s downright balmy. (ToursByLocals offices are headquartered in coastal, temperate Vancouver, so we can appreciate this sort of winter weather that doesn’t shut people indoors.)

Tanja’s tour explores 3 countries in 5 days: Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Highlights include Dubrovnik’s stunning walled Old Town, the gorgeous seaside town of Perast and historic Mostar. Travelers visiting the Balkans at this time of year will be rewarded with quieter streets, uninterrupted photo opportunities and no line-ups for the region’s star attractions.

If you’re interested in chatting with Tanja about a visit to her country and its neighbours in the winter season, you can find her here: Tanja’s guide profile.
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