Denmark's "The Killing"

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Are you one of the many people who has tuned into the popular and critically acclaimed TV Drama "The Killing"? The Danish-born series, which features Detective Sarah Lund solving a tangled murder mystery/political conspiracy, first aired in Scandinavia in 2007, but only recently became an international hit. 2011 saw more British viewers watching the BAFTA Award winning and Emmy-nominated "The Killing" than "Mad Men".

In the U.S. "The Killing" has been re-made into an American crime drama, set in Seattle (although filmed, as so many productions are, in Vancouver.) The second season of the hit series will be premiering on April 1st.

You're probably wondering why a travel company is blogging about a TV show. (We would be too.) The answer is one of our Copenhagen guides was recently swept up in the show's surge in popularity when a British journalist arrived in town looking to gain a better understanding of "The Killing" by visiting the locations made famous by the Danish series. Our guide Paul got the fun job of designing a "Killing Tour" to show the reporter around Sarah Lund's Copenhagen, from the political intrigue of Town Hall to trendy Vesterbro and the shady corners of the Meatpacking District.

The article was published in Britain's Radio Times, the country's largest selling quality entertainment magazine. A link to Paul's tours is found at the bottom of the piece.

As a result of the popularity of "The Killing" (and the fun he had showing the Radio Times journalist around) Paul has created an on-going "Killing Tour" for other fans of the hit series. An interesting and alternative way to explore Copenhagen and appreciate its pop culture scene!
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