Kerala: Explore the Relaxed South of India

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While tourists have been exploring North India’s “Golden Triangle” of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for decades, tourism to the far south of the country is a more recent development. This part of the Indian sub-continent is world’s away from the throngs at the Taj Mahal; here travellers find lazy backwaters, quiet beaches and a populace welcoming them with open arms.

Joining us today to invite you to visit the southern tip of India, is our Kochi-based guide Joyce, who loves in the state of Kerala.

Kochi is an Indian city tucked away at the southwest tip of India, in a state called “Kerala.” This is where I am from. ‘Kochi’, or’ Cochin’ for the English-speaker, is the business capital of this tiny state. It trades in spices and cash crops like tea, coffee and rubber.
Reasons are aplenty for why one should choose this place as the next holiday destination – here are just a few! Kochi is…

•one of the most prosperous states in India.
•the most literate state in India.
•the most traveler friendly.
•a place where guests are received like Gods.
•where nature has provided with an abundance of lush greenery.

But why, I for one invite you to this state? This is the place in India where you can relax….this is where you can feel the warmth and hospitality of a friendly people…this is where those around you will try bending over backwards to impress you, to make you feel welcome.

You can have a holiday in Kerala in the middle of our backwaters, on the beach, upon the hills, all within a distance of around 100 km. This is still a young and emerging holiday destination, just 15 years we’ve been promoting tourism here. There are very good brand new hotels (and new ones coming up almost every year.) Best roads, most premium vehicles and above all most enthusiastic staff to serve you.

One should not miss our backwaters and a relaxing houseboat cruise through the waterways. Kerala is known for its rivers, rivulets, lakes and backwaters. These are shear wonders meandering along the length and breadth of this region. Studded with coconut palm groves, plantations of bananas covering tiny hamlets with luxuriously built houses, courtyard gardens spilling over with vegetables, fruits and spices. (Seldom do locals need to buy their vegetables and fruits at a shop because they are all grown around their courtyard). Soil is very fertile for growing these around their house, and is amply irrigated by the two main monsoons reaching this state every year. Plan your trip around February till May to taste the sweetest Mangoes you’ll ever eat. You can sample the different types: Alphonsoes, Priyurs Selams, and Neelams, and a hundred other local varieties.

Our state is where fresh fish is dished out to travelers all throughout the year. The most common fishes like Pearlspot, Black King Fish, Barracuda, Black Pomfret, Crab, Cuttle, King Fish and Scampi are served at our restaurants, cooked with garden fresh spices.

So, why not Kochi and Kerala for your next holiday destination? Let me be your local guide. I am sure you will feel it is marvelous value, and a relaxed experience here. I will offer a variety of itineraries to suit your and every member of your group. I am flexible to accommodate every preference of even your most beloved children.

Why not, indeed? If Kerala's warm breezes, calm waters and delicious flavours are tempting you, consider getting in touch with Joyce to plan a marvellous view days in Southern India.
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