Cape Town: 4 Reasons to Visit...and Return!

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Today we’re introducing you to our guide Joanna from Cape Town, South Africa. Joanna has taken over 40 groups of ToursByLocals travellers on tour, sharing with them her enthusiasm for this beautiful city and region. She joins us today to tell us about four places every traveler to Cape Town should visit.

I’m lucky enough to live in the best city on earth, a city where only one thing is impossible: it is impossible for first time visitors to Cape Town not to fall in love with this city and not to want to come back.

Cape Town is South Africa's mother city, situated on the south western tip of Africa, with the charm of a small city, beautiful unspoilt beaches and mountains to take your breath away. Cape Town is also in the centre of Southern Africa’s wine producing region and all the important wine regions are less than an hour from the city centre. Here are some of the highlights you definitely won’t want to miss:

Cape Town Central Business District (Old Town):
Walking through Cape Town's Central Business District one could be mistaken for being in a 17th century European city - with beautiful Victorian architecture buildings restored and protected, resulting in a truly charming experience. Cape Town CBD also attracts younger people who choose a New York City type apartment lifestyle. Unlike most cities, it only takes 5 minutes by car to be in the Table Mountain Wilderness.

Table Mountain:
Table Mountain - the flat mountain by the sea (1086m) is Cape Town's adopted logo....and it's my inspiration. This vast protected area is a paradise for outdoor lovers and presents limitless hiking experiences. It is even possible to overnight on the mountain high above the city. Table Mountain is especially beautiful this time of the year because of the spring flowers (fynbos) blooming – it is also a world heritage site. The refreshing waterfalls gushing at every turn are revitalizing for the soul.

The Atlantic Ocean:
Cape Town offers a huge number of beaches, mostly covered in bright white sand, and leading to sparkling turquoise waters. A variety of beaches to suite every taste - from Misty Cliffs’ wild unspoilt coast where you won't find another soul to the very trendy Clifton Beaches that may remind you of St Tropez. The beaches are truly beautiful and the water is an exotic colour, but very cold which is the perfect tonic after spending a day hiking in the Table Mountain wilderness and before indulging in a glass of local Methode Cape Classique (South Africa's version of Champagne).

The Cape Winelands:
The Cape Winelands is very well known, not only for its wine but also for charming visitors that after a first visit decide to make it their home. The breathtaking beauty of vineyards nestled in valleys between beautiful mountains is a site to behold. No visit to the Cape is complete without a few days allocated to the sheer beauty of the landscape, the wonderful wines and delicious cuisine that this region offers.

There really is no city on earth in the league of Cape Town - come see for yourself! But be warned Cape Town crawls under your skin and you will definitely want to make a habit of visiting this magnificent region over and over.

Thanks Joanna for sharing your knowledge and passion for (one of!) South Africa’s capital cities. If any travelers are headed for springtime in South Africa, consider getting in touch with Joanna to give you a local’s perspective of her fine city.
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