ToursByLocals Appears on CTV News

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Yesterday Colin Garritty and I (Sara) headed to the Vancouver CTV news studio to do a live interview on the Noon News. This was my second trip in front of the CTV cameras and Colin's first.

It's always tricky to say all you want to say with just 4 minutes on air, but I think we got across the most important points: there's no better way to experience a new place than in the company of a local guide, and ToursByLocals is a great way to find one.

Colin spoke about his recent trip to Africa and what an amazing time he had with our guides there. Egypt experienced a sharp downtown in tourism in 2012, and our guides are certainly feeling the pinch; as Colin will tell you, if you've ever dreamed of going to Egypt, the time is now. See the pyramids with far fewer tourists blocking your view, but be sure to hire a guide who is tuned in to local safety issues.

If you'd like to watch a clip of Colin and I speaking with News Anchor Keri Adams, you can view it here: ToursByLocals on CTV News.
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