Top 5 Things to Do in Bucharest

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Our guest blogger today is Radu Zota, a fun-loving and knowledgable Romanian guide living in Bucharest. Here are his top five suggestions for experiencing the pulse of the city while visiting Bucharest:

1. Parliament Palace
The communist era put its fingerprint very dramatically on the Romanian capital. The most important legacy is the huge building in the center of the city. Everyone's expectations are exceeded by this overwhelming building. A trip back in history, an inside into a megalomaniac mind.

2. Old Town
The old part of Bucharest survived and evolved over the centuries into a city constantly doomed to change its look. In the last year the narrow streets of Old Town were reinvigorated by the opening of some of the city's most booming restaurants and terrace bars.

3. Civic Center
Here you can see the North Cornea influence over downtown Bucharest. The apartment blocks were meant to accommodate the administrative personnel.

4. Cismigiu Park
Situated in the middle of the city, Cismigiu is the oldest park in Bucharest. Tall old trees, narrow alleys and beautiful flower arrangements will help you escape the city bustle.

5. Serendipity Tea House
The tea house has a great location in the center-residential part of Bucharest. Here they have a small cozy garden. The tranquility of the neighborhood completes the atmosphere.

Radu would also like to share his favourite places in Romania for those planning to get out of the capital and explore the rest of the country - but we'll save that list for another day. If you can't wait to hear more tips and insightful Romanian tour ideas from Radu, you can get in touch with him here: Radu's private tours around Bucharest and Romania.
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