Best Places to Travel - Fall 2017

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There’s always big talk for summer plans, but did you know you can score some
amazing travel deals during shoulder season? September and October constitute
shoulder season for many destinations around the world. This timeframe allows
travelers to score some great deals on airfare, avoid the tourist rush and still enjoy
beautiful weather. Here are our top picks for Fall 2017!


Dreaming of white washed buildings, clear blue water and towering cliffs? Visit Greece
in September to avoid the summer rush which typically brings inflated prices, mass
tourists and heat waves. There’s still plenty of sunshine left if you visit during shoulder
season and you’ll get to experience this amazing country with a bit more room to breathe!


Spend your days on the beaches of Dubrovnik and avoid crowds during sightseeing.
September and October are great months to visit Croatia as the weather is still warm and sunny enough to swim in the cerulean waters and crowds are minimal.


Avoid high season in Hawaii where prices are inflated and crowds flee to the beaches of these popular pacific islands. September would be best as the water is calm and the weather is perfect. Although it’s best to avoid October when the Ironman World Championship is hosted on the Big Island.

South Africa

The fall is an ideal time to visit South Africa, with some of the best weather all year
coming in September. Afternoon storms rarely interfere with the safari so you
have ample opportunities to see some wildlife! It’s the best time to visit Kruger and
wildlife parks.

New Zealand

Since New Zealand’s spring starts in September, it’s a great month to make your way to the southern hemisphere! The weather is warm, but not too hot and you’ll manage to beat the rush that typically comes in December, during the Kiwi summer. You’ll also score an extra hour of daylight when Kiwis spring their clocks forward on September 27!

Buenos Aires

Our colleagues in Buenos Aires tell us the best time to visit their beautiful city is in October: the southern spring brings warm temperatures, but summer's hot and sticky days haven't yet set in. And if you visit at this time of year, you'll see the amazing purple blooms of the city's jacaranda trees blooming in the parks and along the avenues.
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