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Armenia: Must-Sees in the Cradle of Civilization

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Our guide Susanna from Yerevan, Armenia has joined us today to shed a bit of light on what makes her country such a fascinating travel destination – and what sights, museums and restaurants no visitor should miss!

Armenia - acknowledged as one of the cradles of civilization - is a beautiful country with a sophisticated people and a long and cultured history. As a result, Armenia is an intriguing tourist destination. The capital city Yerevan, nestled in the shadow of the snow-capped heights of the majestic Mount Ararat, where the Biblical Noah's Ark first landed after escaping the Great Flood, is the main tourist gateway.

There are thousands of historical monuments to visit in Armenia. I will mention the five most important places a traveler should visit.

1. Would you like to visit the monastery that you see on ToursByLocals blog page? It is Tatev Monastery located in South Armenia. To get there you will take the longest cable car in the world: 5.7km.
2. Would you like to visit the oldest Stonehenge in the world? It is Armenian Carahunge, 7500 years old and also located in the south of our country.
3. Would you like to visit the first Christian Church in the world? It is Echmiadzin Cathedral. 301-303 AD. Armenia is the first Christian country in the world to adopt Christianity.
4. Would you like to visit the Only Pagan temple in Armenia and in the Caucasus? It is Garni Temple 1st century A.D. dedicated to the God of Fire, Mitra.
5. Would you like to visit the Geghard Cave Monastery? In the middle ages it held the Spear used to wound the chest of Christ. Now the original Spear is in Echmiadzin museum.

The most important Armenian museums to visit:
1. Matenadaran Manuscript Museum.
2. Genocide Memorial and Museum.
3. State History Museum and National Gallery.
4. Erebuni Fortress 782 B.C. and museum.
5. Sergey Parajanov House Museum.

The best Armenian restaurants to visit in Yerevan:
1. Our Village. (Armenian food with live music).
2. Caucasus Tavern. (Caucasian food with live music).
3. Yerevan Pandok. (Armenian food).
4. Afrikiannery Pandok. (Armenian food with live music).
5. Old Erivan. (Armenian food with live music).

Would you like to learn more about Armenia? You just need to travel to our beautiful country and discover more interesting places to visit with your local tour guide.

To meet Susanna and learn more about the myriad of possibilities awaiting travelers in Armenia, visit Susanna’s guide profile and tours page: Armenia Private Guide.
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