Why Armenia should be on your travel list!

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Have you ever considered a trip to Armenia? Today’s guest blogger, Gevorg, an experienced local guide operating out of Yerevan, is here to tell you why we should all think about making Armenia our next travel destination – and what we should do once we get there.

Armenia is a land of contrasts, offering something for everyone. It’s little known and a bit off the beaten track, but this adds to its beauty and allure. Although an ancient nation, this gem of the Caucasus is unspoiled and waiting to be discovered!

Yerevan the capital city is a cosmopolitan city, brimming with life. Streets are lined with trendy cafés and restaurants, there are many theatre performances, traditional dance and music and many outdoor public events to enjoy, especially throughout the summer months. It is also brimming with history: nestled at the skirts of the biblical Mt Ararat (where legend tells us Noah’s Ark landed), it is the first Christian Nation (since 301AD); it used to be part of the ancient Silk Road; boasts several UNESCO listed sights and an amazing landscape. The landscape ripples and changes from rugged mountains to serene lakes and green forests.

Armenians have a unique culture, language and alphabet. This said, English and Russian are widely spoken, especially in Yerevan. The people are welcoming and hospitable; you’ll often find yourself being invited in for coffee or a meal especially in the countryside. It is also an incredibly safe country to travel in.

Compared to European countries, Armenia is an affordable destination, making it more value for money for the traveler. Due to its natural beauty it is popular with cyclists, backpackers, hikers and nature lovers. Winter attracts skiers as it offers modern facilities at reasonable prices.

The cuisine is also unique and there is a vast range of restaurants offering traditional dishes. There are also specialty fruit wines and vodkas as well as the country’s renowned brandy to sample. The fruit and vegetables are organic and delicious, so much so that Armenia has become very well known for the sweetness of its apricots and pomegranates.

Has Gevorg made you curious to learn more about Armenia and the opportunities for exploring the area with a local? Feel free to start a conversation with him! You’ll find him, and his local guiding partners, here: Gevorg’s Guide Page.
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