Fall Festivals in Amsterdam

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Europe in the fall is a lovely proposition. The summer’s heat has dwindled, making for excellent walking weather (and what better way to experience a city than by foot?), and the tourist crowds have dwindled. Of course, summer is festival time, but there are still many special events going on throughout the autumn months.

If you’re headed to Holland in November, you may be interested in reading about upcoming events in Amsterdam. Our Dutch guide, Vince is here today to tell us about three festivals you won’t want to miss during your travels.

1. Museum Night – Museumnacht

On Saturday night in the first week of November each year Amsterdam’s museums open through the night, most with special programmes.

2. PAN Amsterdam – Art and Antique Fair

The biggest national antique fair in the Netherlands takes place in Amsterdam, and lasts for the whole third week of November. No wonder it last so long, as there can be no hasty decisions made in the timeless fields of art and antiques. PAN takes place at the RAI congress and exhibition center. Last year’s showing was strong in modern art of good quality, but PAN is a fun event to visit, even if you do not intend to buy anything. Editorial comment: Gwyneth Paltrow raves about this festival as a wonderful place to learn about and collect art!

3. IDFA - International Documentary Filmfestival of Amsterdam

The International documentary festival screens 200 documentary films and videos at various times throughout the month of November. Information on screenings, tickets and venues can be found on their website: IDFA.
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