Five Activities You've Got to Do in Amsterdam

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It’s April and that means one thing in Holland: Tulip season has begun! Throughout the Netherlands, visitors are flocking to the bulb fields to see the nation’s iconic flower in all its colourful glory. And tourists in the Netherlands rarely miss visiting Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most likeable cities. Today Frank, one of our Dutch guides, joins us to share five “must-dos” in and around his hometown in the Capital of the Netherlands.

1. Take a City Walking Tour
Amsterdam is a city of canals, bridges, gabled canal houses, proud churches and much more. Exploring the city on a walking tour is the best way to see the many faces that Amsterdam has to offer. The city center is very compact and walkable and allows you to discover traditional and modern Amsterdam in only a couple of hours. See the city with the helpful eyes of a local.

2. Hop on a Canal Cruise
A canal cruise is a 'must-do' during your stay in Amsterdam. Explore the city from a different angle. Amsterdam has more than 150 canals. See the beautifully decorated mansions along the canals, the countless bridges and much more. A walking tour followed by a relaxing canal cruise makes your Amsterdam impression complete.

3. Get in Touch with the Dutch
Meet the Dutch on one of their famous street markets, sample some local food in one of the street cafés, visit a residential neighbourhood (like Jordaan or de Pijp) and discover the unknown gems of this colourful city.

4. Explore the Museums
Amsterdam has more than 50 museums. There really is something for everyone. Have you ever been in a Museum of Bags and Purses? Or visit one of the canal house museums to get a better impression of how the rich merchants used to live along the canals. What about a visit to the Tulip or Cheese museum? Did you know that you can visit the Anne Frank House and see the annex where the Frank family was hiding during the war? Learn more about Jewish Amsterdam in the Jewish Historic Museum. And of course Amsterdam hosts some world famous art museums like the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum with paintings of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals and many other Dutch masters on display.

5. Tour the Countryside
If you have more time than you should combine your visit to the city with a tour to the countryside. Just North of Amsterdam there is the Waterland region. You will soon discover why it is called Waterland: there is water everywhere. See the neat Dutch villages, visit a former island with its green and white timbered houses, explore the fishing village of Volendam where you can admire the locals in their traditional Dutch costume. If you want to see all the Dutch Icons, then visit a windmill village too where you can see a working windmill, a wooden shoe maker and a cheese farm. A combination of Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside will give you a full Holland Experience in only one day!

There is so much to do and so much to see in Amsterdam. Let me help you to maximise your stay!

Thanks Frank! If any travelers are visiting Amsterdam and the Netherlands this spring or summer, consider getting in touch with Frank to help you get the most out of your time in and around his hometown.
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