5 Reasons to Visit Cartagena

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Nestled on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena boasts amazing beaches and colonial
Spanish architecture. A place where old meets new, there is something for everyone.
Read on to find out why you should add Cartagena, Colombia to your travel bucket list!

Colonial Architecture:
Get lost in the charm of Cartagena by wandering the colourful streets and taking in the
breathtaking architecture which dates back to the 16th century. The Old City, now
a UNESCO World Heritage site, features many old houses, churches, and plazas,
protected by a massive stone wall.

Plaza Exploring:
There are a number of plazas scattered throughout the city where you’re able to watch
street performers, buy eats from street vendors and listen to local live music. Tired of
walking? Take a horse drawn carriage ride!

3) Beach Hopping:
With hours of sunshine year-round, why not take a trip to the Rosario Islands which has
been called the “Cannes of the Caribbean”. This is not your only option though. With
over 100 kms of coastline, there’s something for everyone. Short on time? Playa Blanca
can be reached by land, or simply stay in the city centre to get your fix! Because we all
deserve a beach day!… (or two!)

4) Local Cuisine:
Arguably the culinary capital of Colombia, Cartagena boasts fresh and local seafood,
and tropical fruits. The mix of Spanish and African roots gives this food a diverse edge,
making this Caribbean coast city a must visit for foodies!

5) Warm People:
Although Colombians have experienced a troubled past, it is evident in the warm smiles
of the Colombian people that they are taking back their country. They look forward at
the opportunity to share their culture, food and sights with travelers like you!

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