Over 300,000 Travellers Served!

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Back in December 2014 we announced we'd reached a major milestone: since its inception in November 2008, ToursByLocals had connected a quarter million travellers with local guides around the world.

Six months have passed since then and that number has already risen to over 300,000 travellers! As of today, 305,709 people have gone on tour with a ToursByLocals guide. To throw one more number into the mix, today (June 23rd), exactly 627 travellers are spending time exploring with a ToursByLocals guide somewhere in the world.

It's our busiest summer season ever, particularly for guides in Paris, Rome, Kyoto, Tokyo, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Florence, St Petersburg, Istanbul and Dubai, the ten most popular cities for ToursByLocals bookings.

For travellers who are hoping to book a guide in one of these places for a summer tour, but haven't done so yet, we recommend booking quickly to avoid disappointment. There's an excellent chance we'll reach the 400,000 traveller mark by the end of the year - make sure you're one of them!
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