ToursByLocals Busiest Guides in 2018!

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At the end of each year, we get to compile a lot of interesting numbers: how many travelers toured with our guides? (We hit the one million mark this year!) Which tours were the most popular? Where are most people traveling? How have these numbers changed from last year?

The question we wanted answered today was: which of our almost 3000 local guides were the busiest in 2018? Below, we’re going to share the names of the 10 guides who booked the most tours this year; if you’re thinking of going on tour with one of them in 2019, we’d advise you to book soon, as their spring and summer calendars are already filling up quickly!

Our Ten Busiest Guides of 2018

1. Dino in Rome
Congrats to our busiest guide in 2018 – for the second year in a row! Dino became a ToursByLocals guide in 2012 and this year, he gave a total of 208 tours of his beloved city of Rome to ToursByLocals travellers. He has a PhD in Roman History, but his “lectures” around the city include gelato, Italian wine and his lively sense of humour. Dino wants his travelers to fall in love with Rome, just as he did many years ago. You simply can’t go wrong exploring the city with this guide.

2. Alessandra in Rome
Our top two spots this year are both held by Romans! Alessandra was born in Rome and has a passion for and deep knowledge of Roman history and Italian art history. She truly brings the city alive for visitors! As one of her recent travellers remarked in their review: “Alessandra knows where to go, what it means, how it happened, and how it used to look.”

3. Chizuko in Kyoto
Congrats to Chizuko for consistently appearing in our Top Ten list, year after year! Chizuko was our first guide to reach the milestone 1000 tours with ToursByLocals travelers, in June of this year. She takes visitors on cultural tours of Kyoto, which include traditional tea ceremonies, visits to markets and even a cooking lesson at her own home. Her deep knowledge of Japanese culture and history are routinely praised by travellers, like this one: “Chizuko was an excellent tour guide; her knowledge and consideration for our needs exceeded our expectations.”

4. Stefan in Munich
Appearing in the Top Ten for the first time this year is the remarkable Munich guide Stefan! He delivered nearly 200 tours to our travellers this year, including one special one to the editor of United Airlines in-flight magazine, Hemispheres. If you read their July Issue, Stefan appears in their cover story: “Three Perfect Days in Munich.”

5. Peachaya in Bangkok
Peach has been a guide with us for just 18 months, and already in that time has taken 225 groups of travellers on tour! We love what she has to say about herself in her guide profile: “As a local, I promote the idea of Community-Based Tourism, cultural exchange, and the preservation of local traditions to help our customers to celebrate, learn and respect traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom to support local communities.” What a wonderful person to explore Thai culture with.

6. Francisco in Barcelona
Barcelona has become increasingly popular in the last five years, and our guide Francisco, with his deep knowledge of Gaudi, is an excellent person to help you understand why so many people have fallen in love with this city. As a professional photographer, Francisco will take photos of your day (and can give you tips to take better ones); he’ll send them to you once you’ve returned home from vacation. This is the fifth year in a row that Francisco has had a spot on our top ten list!

7. Genevieve in Paris
Geneviève has been a ToursByLocals guide since 2010 (one of our original Paris guides!) and by the time you read this, she will have taken ToursByLocals travelers for over 1000 tours of her city. Whether you’re with girlfriends, children or on a romantic getaway, Geneviève can show you parts of the city you’ve never seen – and will want to see again. Need more convincing? Just read what past travelers have said about her in their reviews! She has A LOT of fans.

8. Carlos in Mexico City
For the second year in a row, we have Carlos from Mexico in our Top Ten list! Carlos is phenomenal – he’s been a ToursByLocals guide for 8 years, and we consistently read effusive praise for him from travelers. (Over the years, he’s collected over 300 reviews!) If you’re going to Mexico City, don’t miss spending time with him!

9. 4. Pepe in Madrid
Before becoming a private guide, Pepe’s career saw him working internationally in Michelin-starred restaurants. If you love to immerse yourself in the local scene, and also enjoy discovering good food and wine, Pepe is the right guide for you. He can deliver both a sparkling tour of the city’s highlights, or a more intimate look at the daily life of Madrileños. Or a blend of the two! The choice is yours.

10. Ken in Kyoto
Our Kyoto guides were again very popular this year; Ken delivered 168 tours. He has homes in both Kyoto and the ancient city of Nara and leads tours around both areas. Ken’s interests are many: history, art, literature, Haiku, business, economy, anime, martial art, Ninja and bird watching. Travelers routinely praise his deep knowledge of local culture, and his eagerness to impart it during his tours.

Recognizing that some pretty amazing guides live in places that get fewer visitors, we’re also recognizing the top 3 busiest guides on each continent, excluding countries already represented in the Top Ten list.

Top 3 Guides in Asia

Mully in Bali
Sunil in Dubai
Phil in Singapore

Top 3 Guides in South America

Alfredo in Lima
Wilfredo in Cusco
Elisabet in Buenos Aires

Top 3 Guides in Oceania

Louise in Auckland
Claire in Auckland
Helen in Sydney

Top 3 Guides in North America

Kirk in Honolulu
Caesar in San Francisco
Roland in Honolulu

Top 3 Guides in Africa

Lesley O in Johannesburg
El Mehdi in Marrakech
Noura in Marrakech

Top 3 Guides in Europe
Melinda in Budapest
Tomislav in Dubrovnik
Roland in Brussels

Congratulations to these guides for all the work they’ve done with ToursByLocals in the past year (and years previous!) We’re compelled to add that they represent just a small handful of the wonderful, dedicated, and deeply knowledgeable people on our site.
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