Two Thousand Guides!

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We've been creeping closer towards a milestone for the last few months, and today we nudged over the line: we now have 2001 local guide-partners at ToursByLocals!

We could have reached this number faster, of course. We could have opened the doors to any guide who applied. But from the start, we’ve always wanted to be more than a simple “Yellow Pages” of private tours. When travellers hire a ToursByLocals guide, they do so knowing they are hiring someone experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and ultimately delightful.

These days, only about 1 in 10 guides who apply to ToursByLocals end up as a part of our network. They go through a rigorous screening process that involves a series of interviews with our HR team, reference checks, and background checks through Thompson Reuters. Once they’re brought on board the TBL team, our On-Boarding team play an active role in helping each new guide set up their profiles and tours on our website. They learn how to use the TBL system to design tour itineraries, keep their calendars up to date, respond to inquiries and create customized tours.

So who tipped us over the magic 2000 number? That would be our newest guide Bill in Victoria, BC! Rounding out the latest five guides to become ToursByLocals partners are fantastic individuals from Malta (Alfred), Hawaii (Jodi), New York City (Jose) and Copenhagen (Bernadette).

Thanks to our wonderful Recruiters and On-Boarders (Javier, Rocio, Mara, Paul, Matias and Enrique), who have steadily and enthusiastically been working towards reaching this goal. We're excited to welcome the latest guides into the ToursByLocals family!

To celebrate, we created a short video. Want to see? Watch here!
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