ToursByLocals Adds Guides in Two New Countries

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With the recent addition of new guides in two countries, travelers booking through ToursByLocals can now find guides in 108 countries around the world!

Each new country and region that we add brings us closer to our goal of being able to offer travelers the ability to make authentic, local connections in any destination they choose to travel. Our two newest countries are Tonga and Namibia, both adventurous destinations for any globetrotter.

The tourism brochures for Tonga boast that it is “the place where time begins” – alluding to its nifty position barely a degree to the west of the International Date Line. Have breakfast in Tonga on Saturday while your “neighbour” in Hawaii is reading Friday’s newspaper with their morning orange juice! Tonga is the only Kingdom in the South Pacific, and an excellent spot for any water sport you can imagine, but especially snorkelling and diving amidst the colourful and abundant marine life. Your guide here is Hepi, who has grown up admiring the rich culture and history of her island.

Namibia, of course, is an altogether different (and magnificent!) experience. The African nation neighbours Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, with the Atlantic Ocean kissing its western coast. Namibia is frequently recognised as a “photographer’s dream” with its wild seascapes, rugged mountains, lonely deserts, stunning wildlife and evocative colonial cities. There’s no one better to have with you when exploring this vast nation than a fully qualified Safari Guide like Kent.

Which country will be next to join our growing local guide network?
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