ToursByLocals Has Local Guides in 100 Countries

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At ToursByLocals, we like to celebrate milestones. And in the last year we’ve had a lot of them! We now offer over 4120 tours led by 900 guides around the globe, we broke into the top 1% of websites worldwide, and have been featured as an exciting way to travel in national publications such as Canada’s Globe and Mail.

A few days ago, ToursByLocals reached another one. We now have guides in 100 countries! For the last couple weeks, we’d been wondering which country would bring us to that magic round number. On our ToursByLocals Facebook Page, guesses ranged from East Timor to Mozambique.

So which country brought us there? Paraguay!

To use guidebook language, Paraguay is a “country of contrasts.” At the same time rural and sophisticated, rich and poor, arid and sub-tropical, there is a wealth of diversity in this South American nation. Its population of 6 million includes roughly 100,000 indigenous peoples – a small percentage, yet Guarani is recognised as an official language (along with Spanish) and is spoken by the majority of the Paraguayan population.

Highlights of a trip to Paraguay could include floating along the swollen Rio Paraguay in a fisherman’s boat, or searching for the elusive jaguar while hiking the jungle trails in Parque Nacional Cerro Corá. Travelers can explore the colonial and beaux-arts buildings in Asunción, and visit the Jesuit ruins at Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our newest guide, Francoise, will show you around the popular site of the Iguacu Falls, before leading you to the lesser known parts of her country to sample regional cuisine and receive a warm welcome from the locals.
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