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Private tour guide Akira

Akira K.

Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), Mandarin (basic), German (basic), Spanish (conversational), French (basic), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello, Hajimemashite! ("Nice to meet you" in Japanese) My name is Akira (Arti) Kojima, and I would like to be your tour guide when you decide to vis,...

Credentials: I own a national license on English speaking guide, itinerary management and unlimited motorcycle rider's license together with car driving license. ,...

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Private tour guide Patrick

Patrick L.

Tokyo, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (advanced)

Biography: My initial interest in Japan was sparked by the stories told by my boss - a first generation Japanese American - at my after school part time job in ,...

Credentials: BA in Secondary Ed. and Japanese History, Japanese Drivers License, Certificarte of Proficiency in Sogetsu Ikebana, 35 Years in Hanayagi School of Bu,...

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Private tour guide Makiko

Makiko N.

Tokyo, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: I am Makiko. I was born in Tokyo and I've lived here my whole life. I therefore know a lot about Tokyo and the surrounding areas. Tokyo has various k,...

Credentials: National licenced tour guide (English) No.EN04726 Certified Domestic Itinerary Control Manager

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Private tour guide Yuko

Yuko K.

Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa-Pref, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Hi! I am Yuko. I am a government certified tour guide. Tokyo is a very exciting place with both traditional and modern cities. I would love to show y,...

Credentials: -National certificated Tour Guide (English)-cert#EN02193 -Certified domestic and overseas itinerary control manager -cert#02-18-057073 -Certified dom,...

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Private tour guide Susumu

Susumu Y.

Chiba, Chiba Pref., Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: 1. "Treasure every encounter!" is the keyword of my tour. 2. History and Culture of Japan are exciting.  I passed the certification exams on History ,...

Credentials: Educational Background and experiences: Electrical Engineering , Electronics Automatic Guided Vehicles and Systems Training Courses and Li,...

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Private tour guide Eriko

Eriko S.

Tokyo, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Welcome and thank you for visiting my page! I'm here to help you create one-of-a-kind travel experiences in Tokyo. My great-grandfather was a kimono ,...

Credentials: ・6-year of experience as a private tour guide. ・Professional Kimono dresser and stylist.

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Private tour guide Yasuko

Yasuko N.

Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hi, my name is Yasuko. I am an eclectic tour guide and interpreter. My tour will be custom made just for you. Whether you choose fashion, food, histo,...

Credentials: M.A. in International Business and B.A. in Liberal Studies from the University of Illinois: National guide certificate (License#EN02340 issued by Gov,...

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Private tour guide Izumi

Izumi O.

Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Izumi. I'm a government certified official tour guide who have shown around Tokyo and its vicinity areas to foreign visitors for ov,...

Credentials: Earned the official tour guide license in March, 2007 (Cert. No. EN00073); have shown Tokyo and surrounding areas including Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakon,...

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Private tour guide Asami

Asami Y.

Tokyo, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello! I am Asami, National Government Licensed Guide, living in Roppongi, famous for nightlife, in the center of Tokyo. I am a guide and at the sam,...

Credentials: National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (EN05337) Trained at Japan Federation of Certified Guide Member of IJCEE

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Private tour guide Morimasa O.

Morimasa O.

Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: I am an eager traveler myself. I have visited more than 50 countries. I would like to share my experience with visitors to Japan by giving tourists g,...

Credentials: National Guide Certificate in English (Reg.No. Tokyo EN03011, March, 2011) A member of Japan Guide Association - Certificate Class A A member and cor,...

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Private tour guide Hideaki

Hideaki K.

Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (conversational)

Biography: I'm from Kobe and live in Yokohama. I'm interested in international cultural exchange. I want to show off my region, since it is abundant in tourist ,...

Credentials: Earned the official license of guide business in February, 2006 and widely guided customers to Kanto, Chubu and Kansai regions.

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Private tour guide Kaoru

Kaoru O.

Musashino, Tokyo, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello! I'm Kaoru, a licensed tour guide. I've guided lots of people from all over the world for years. It is my pleasure to help my customers to make,...

Credentials: I've been a licensed tour guide certified by the Japanese government since 2009.

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Private tour guide Hirohisa

Hirohisa S.

Tokyo, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to Japan! From me, Hirohisa. I'm a certified National Guide Interpreter (English) and love to travel around the world myself. With my long a,...

Credentials: Certified National Guide Interpreter (English), AMP Class 175 Harvard Business School (2008)

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Private tour guide Tomie


Yokohama, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Tomie, an officially certified tour guide. I have been a house wife for a long time before I began to work as a guide. I like the ,...

Credentials: * National licensed tour guide (Englidh) * Authorized Tour Conducter * JGA(Japan Guide Association)guide Training course

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