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Private tour guide Wolfgang

Wolfgang H.

Grub/Wienerwald, Austria

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent)

Biography: Born and growing up Vienna, I live since a few years south of the city, in the Vienna Forest. My Job was - after I finished my studies of marketing a,...

Credentials: State-licensed tourist guide, State-licened advertising agent, self-taught military historian, Horseman, Harley owner, Certified Segway Guide, instru,...

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Private tour guide Clemens

Clemens M.

Vienna, Austria

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: I was born and raised in Vienna. I have been working as a licensed private guide for nearly 15 years and love to share my first-hand knowledge of the,...

Credentials: "Austriaguide": Licensed touristguide in Austria Certified by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

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Private tour guide Ursula

Ursula I.

Vienna, Austria

Languages: Hungarian (fluent), German (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My hobby is my job, my job is my hobby! My original Hungarian surname is Orsolya, which means Ursula, if you prefer. I was born in Budapest and set,...

Credentials: Certified Austrian tour guide Certified Hungarian tour guide

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Private tour guide Christian

Christian J.

Vienna, Austria

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: I may - as YOUR guide - welcome YOU heartley in Vienna and Austria , whether it is YOUR first time here or if YOU are almost a Viennese YOURSELF alre,...

Credentials: Austrian Guide License, Issued by the City of Vienna No MBA 10/32231/2010

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Private tour guide Marieta

Marieta T.

Vienna, Austria

Languages: Bulgarian (fluent), English (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (advanced)

Biography: Servus in Wien! Travelling and exploring cultures is one of my passions and I always search the contact with locals. For me this is the most authent,...

Credentials: I am a Licensed Tourist Guide in Austria (AustriaGuide), member of the Chamber of Commerce Vienna.

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Private tour guide Gabriela


Vienna, Austria

Languages: Portuguese (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Hebrew (conversational), English (fluent), German (fluent), French (fluent)

Biography: Born and raised in Vienna, I started to discover the world by travelling on my own. The best way to travel is speaking the local language. I decided ,...

Credentials: I majored at University in Spanish and French and I also studied Arts. In Austria we must pass a STATE EXAM in order to become a licensed tourist gui,...

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Private tour guide Katharina T.

Katharina T.

Vienna, Austria

Languages: German (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: "Vienna waits for you" - this rather unknown song by my favourite singer Billy Joel should be your motto! My name is Katharina and I am a real local,...

Credentials: Austria Tourist Guide since 2001 Academic studies of subjects History & Theatre, Film and Television Sciences, Universität Wien (official graduation ,...

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Private tour guide Dietmar (Didi)

Dietmar (Didi) N.

Salzburg, Austria

Languages: French (fluent), English (fluent), German (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Italian (fluent), Portuguese (fluent)

Biography: I was born in Salzburg and I am tour guide since 1986. I started to work in Brazil as a tour guide, but today I am specialist in Austria and the Alps,...

Credentials: I am authorized Guide for Austria. Professional Driver with own Van Comfortable VW Caravelle T6 2016

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Private tour guide Elisabeth

Elisabeth J.

Vienna, Austria

Languages: Polish (fluent), German (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to Austria, welcome to Vienna! My name is Elisabeth and I have been working as a tourist guide in Vienna and Lower Austria since 2007. Fine A,...

Credentials: Licensed Austria Tourist Guide ("Austriaguide") since 2007. Master degree in Polish language, University Vienna, 2012

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Private tour guide Elena


Vienna, Austria

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Russian (fluent)

Biography: Greetings from Vienna - the Austrian federal capital and a wonderful city, that is considered to be the most livable city in the world for the ninth ,...

Credentials: State certified Austrian Tour Guide

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Private tour guide Adrienn

Adrienn B.

Wien / Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent)

Biography: Hello, nice to meet you here on my public profile while surfing the net with ToursByLocals! This is me, Adrienn, your certified local Vienna guide, y,...

Credentials: I am a licensed tour guide of Austria / Vienna and proudly wear my "austriaguide" badge while at work. At the same time I am a member of the Vienna C,...

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Private tour guide Susanne

Susanne W.

Vienna, Austria

Languages: German (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Being an Austrian-American in the beautiful city of Vienna and sharing its beauty and fascinating history with you turns out to be my true calling in,...

Credentials: Fully Certified Austrian Guide PhD in Linguistics (German, English and French) Degree in Tourism Graphic Design Background

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Private tour guide Susanne

Susanne K.

Wien, Vienna, Austria

Languages: Arabic (basic), French (conversational), English (fluent), German (fluent), Spanish (basic), Italian (fluent), Russian (basic)

Biography: Maybe curiousity kills the cat- but it also inspires us!!! Looking behind closed doors, peeping over fassades, finding the way through history - for ,...

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