Traveler Ratings of Private Tours In Tbilisi-Georgia by Tour Guide Koba M.

Koba M.
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Paul Kridel


Tour: New year private tour, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Dec 30/19

Thanks a lot Koba. You have been an amazing guide for us. Even though you were sick during our entire stay, you did an amazing job and gave us very insightful information, through which we learned so much about Georgia and even a part of Armenia. On top of that, you were always reliable, very flexible and punctual, and always fulfilled our desires. All the best from Paul, Laure, Franco, Georges and Jeanne from Luxembourg. 100% recommendable guide !

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Paul, Thank you personally, so much for the good review! Also, want to express my gratitude to single member of your team, for incredibly warm and friendly attitude to me! I wouldn't do my job properly without your support! That's true!!! I wish I had you all on an other tour around my country and let it be longer than we just did! Danke shon !!! And God bless you all!!! Wholehearted, Koba

Susannah Ford

United Kingdom

Tour: 7 days private tour around western Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Aug 16/19

We were v well looked after by Koba for our 6 night tour. An Anglophile, he is cheerful, reliable, friendly, experienced and v proud of his country's history, culture and natural beauty. Highlights include an evening underneath the stars in Tmogvi with our home-stay host, featuring simultaneously translated jokes from English into Georgian - and plentiful, delicious local wine. He made the teenagers laugh, he told stories, navigated traffic deftly: our only regret is that we never saw him dance...!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: I just loved your nice family, so much!!! I would be nothing if you were not so nice and friendly to me... Thank you very much for being with me, thanks the God that you exist!!! I'll be waiting for another chance to have you all on tour, for the next time!!! With respect, Koba :)

René Zanderink


Tour: #14682, Tusheti, 5 days around the remote region, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Jul 18/19

We still talk about our trip. We enjoyed our safe 4x4 drive to Omalo, see all other dangerous adventures on You Tube. Kobe is an excellent guide, it is barely possible to find a better one in Georgia. He knows very much, is energetic and unstoppable. Speaks good English. We loved Georgia so much, that we want to come back in the near future. He found for us around Omalo the bezoar goats and arranged a wonderful one-day horse trip. He bought for us cha cha in Telavi.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much Rene, I highly appreciate it! Would be delighted to see you all again and have longer trip with you all :)... With respect, Koba

Neil Seshadri


Tour: #31583, Svaneti region, 4 daysTour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Jun 6/19

Koba is an expert guide and I very much recommend him to other travelers. I felt like I was in safe and experienced hands during some of the mountain driving. He is very knowledgeable about his country and I felt I learned much more, and in a more interesting way, from listening to him than reading internet. One of the best things about my two weeks in the Caucasus was the people I met there, and Koba certainly contributed to that. The tour itself was very well planned covered some beautiful landscapes.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hi Neil, Have my apologies for the late response, please! Thank you so much for the good review, thank you so much for being one of my guests, thank you very much for being friendly and nice to me!!! I am expecting your next visit to Georgia (together with your family ;) and have another, interesting trip around Georgian highland!!! With respect, Koba

Anne Kiernan


Tour: 3 days private tour, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Jun 2/19

I had a 3 day private tour with Koba and from his picking me up the first morning to him dropping me off at the end of my 3 days I had an amazing time. Koba is extremely knowlegable about all things Georgian and is a great story teller. I got to see and do all the things I requested along with some extras recommemded by Koba. I can highly recommend Koba for any future travellers, he will keep you informed and entertained during your trip with stories and his knolwledge of the places he brings you.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks u so much Anne for the good feed back!!! You are an amazing Irish woman with a warm heart!!! God bless u!!!

Cheryl K.

United States

Tour: 4 days around Kakheti and Kazbegi regions, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: May 13/19

We realized how lucky we were to have Koba as our guide as soon as he picked us up. He was always on time, was a safe driver and was full of energy and enthusiasm. He quickly figured out what we were most interested in seeing and modified the itinerary to accommodate that. For example, he took us up a couple of remote valleys to see tower ruins and stopped for us to meet shepherds taking their sheep to alpine pastures. In short, Koba is the best guide a traveler to Georgia could ever have.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: ... Dear Cheryl, Thank you so much for the application and for being so nice to me, full time. I especially, loved your knowledge about my country. I wish we met each other again, because you are already. In my list of desirable guests :) God with you! Koba :)

Yve Huang


Tour: #31583, Svaneti region, 4 daysTour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: May 9/19

I booked a 4-day trip to Svaneti with Koba because I didn't want to plan the trip myself, it was a very good decision. Koba got in touch early and drew a rough plan - the roads were bad due to weather so he recommended other activities to replace the trip to Ushguli. He is also observant, recommended and brought me to places he thought I'd like for photography and sightseeing. He also takes care of his travellers. Overall, I strongly recommend planning your trip with Koba.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Yve, I'll definitely help you even with that driving and guiding :)

Егор Робский


Tour: #30760, Kakheti Region (The Wine Homeland) Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Apr 30/19

It was a wonderful vacation with Koba for us and our friends from Germany. If you want to feel Georgia, Koba the one that you need (especially if you have small children with you). Thank for all Koba, see you next year.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank u so much for the good feed back and for being so nice and friendly to me :) I wish I had you all on tour again... With respect, Koba :)

John Archer


Tour: 3 days privately guided tour, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Apr 23/19

Had an awesome time with Koba. We did a three day tour through the beautiful country of Georgia. Not only were the places we visited very interesting but he makes it fun along the way. Great stories. wonderful personality and perspective on life. He will definitely go above and beyond. Definitely go to Georgia and definitely get in touch with Koba.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much for the good recommendation and for being an awsome traveler John!!! Good luck mate :)

Lei Buijssen


Tour: #13615, Gudauri, Kazbegi 2days Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Apr 11/19

Very good guide, speaks good english, kind and helpfull. We certainly recommand Koba to everyone!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much for good recommendation Lei!!! You've got a fantastic family and I enjoyed our trips together :) With respect - Koba

Zainab Mutvalli

United Arab Emirates

Tour: two days tour around Kazbegi and kakheti regions, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Jan 24/19

It was our first time in Georgia and I am grateful to Koba, our tour guide to make this experience to be the memorable one. He was polite, v knowledgeable, patient ( as we were travelling with young kinds), experienced and punctual. He customized the tour as per our requirements and took us to places as we desired. I even went through the trouble to find halal food in the remotest village in Northern East part of the country. He gave us the best suggestions and I would be highly recommend him.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello my dears, You are a wonderful family and very friendly and warm people. Thank you so much for the good review and for being so nice to me during the tour. I wish we had another opportunity of touring together!!! Kisses to your little and beautiful baby girl (cute face) from me :) Wholehearted, Koba :)

Jennifer Martin


Tour: #13488, Mtskheta-gori-uplistsikhe-kazbegi private tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Nov 16/18

Koba is an excellent guide and made our trip to Georgia special. Koba is everything the previous reviews say and more. He is not only professional, courteous, punctual, knowledgeable and thoughtful, he is also lots of fun and easy going. The four of us hired Koba for two days and he did everything he could to make our time in Georgia memorable. Due to weather conditions our original plan needed amending and we ended up with a great itinerary. I would absolutely hire Koba again.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much the good review and have my respect! I did enjoy tour with you so much! I wish you all came back for longer time! Cheers! :)

Raynor Czerwinski

United States

Tour: 15 days private tour around Georgia (The Caucasus), Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Oct 15/18

Just finished a 15 day tour with Koba around Georgia. Over this period we visited many locations, some I requested, most I did not know existed. Koba's knowledge of Georgia, its landscape, and its history is amazing. Koba is much more than just a guide, he is a fixer. This was a 2 week photo tour of sorts. Koba was able to pave the way for countless rich connections with the locals due to his magnetic and respectful nature. This enabled us to create photographs that otherwise would not have been possible.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Raynor, you and your mate Geoffrey, are wonderful persons! I've been lucky to have this great kind of guests on tour!!! Thank you very much for being so kind and friendly with me :) Sincerely, Koba

Stuart Hicks


Tour: 5 days tour for Mr. Hicks, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Oct 7/18

Koba is the Master Guide. His total love for his native Georgia, its people, its landscape and its heritage is equalled by his unfailing good humour, his professional approach and capability, his flexibility, his anxiety to please and his obvious enjoyment of being a great guide. His Australian accent is not yet absolutely perfect, mate, but his Scottish is excellent, and his New Zealand and American ones are very good indeed. We want to return to Georgia, and travel with Koba again.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much Stuart, for a good review. You and Chester, are very friendly and supportive people, and were always kind to me, that's why our tour was so successful... cheers :) mate!!!

Sasha Bergmann


Tour: #14682, Tusheti-Georgia Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Sep 24/18

Not only was our experience touring with Koba perfect, but we have also earned a true friend. Koba is an excellent guide and driver, he knows everything and everywhere in Georgia. He is also very fun to be with and very helpful: everything you can wish for while travelling - he will make it happen. I am a photographer and Koba went out of his way to help me get the best photos (with locations, with replacing broken equipment, with asking people permission to photograph them). We had a wonderful trip!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Have my respect, dear Sasha! You and your husband, made our trip exiting for me. I enjoyed every single moment of our actions, especially, conversations about ancient history of Georgia and middle east ... I wish i had many guests just like you... Wholehearted, Koba P.S. thanks a lot for a good feedback :)

Benjamin Nichols


Tour: #111416, Svaneti and Vardzia Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Sep 16/18

We thoroughly enjoyed our week with Koba, it was a highlight of our time in Georgia. He was very personable, and was very happy to try to accommodate any requests we had. Koba has an in-depth knowledge of Georgian heritage and history, and was also a very capable wilderness guide. We felt like we were in excellent hands the entire time - his vehicle was well maintained and he had a good knowledge of the road. We were constantly impressed with Koba's boundless energy and enthusiasm.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Benjamin, thank you so much for a good recommendation. You and your wife were feeling to me as old and good friends, throughout the trip... This is the song that never ends" ... I sang the song during the even next tour :)))... have my respect! Wholehearted, Koba

Sarah Wigglesworth

United Kingdom

Tour: #14682, Tusheti-Georgia Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Sep 9/18

Koba M was reliable, honest, punctual and knowledgeable. His English is excellent and he proved himself helpful and flexible in making our plans including suggestions about where to travel. He is sociable and happy to explore issues of Georgian culture with the tourist.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much for the great review! dear Sara, I truly enjoyed our tour with you and your husband (very interesting person)... I wish you were back in my country. I'll do my bests to show all the best of my country to you!... With respect, Koba :)

Daniel Capurro

United Kingdom

Tour: #111416, Svaneti and Vardzia Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Aug 17/18

Koba is a brilliant guide. We had an amazing time and saw so much, despite only having a week in Georgia. He managed to pack in loads of stuff, but without ever making us feel rushed. All the food and accommodation was great and our trip wouldn't have been anywhere near as good without him. Even the long drives were fun in his company and he was a good driver on Svaneti's mountain roads. Koba is also a great hiking guide. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to visit Georgia.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks a lot for the great feed back, Daniel! ... I wish, all of travelers were just like you and your beautiful girlfriend ... looking forward to your coming back !!! :)

Zoryana Verbych


Tour: #66458, David Gareja and Sighnaghi Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Aug 16/18

Koba is a great guide! We really enjoyed our tour. He is very attentive to needs of his guests and very knowledgeable - he was able to provide answers to many questions that went well beyond the tour and its locations. We would happily take other tours with Koba if we get another chance to visit beautiful Georgia. Zoryana and Family

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello dear Zarina, and thank you so much for the great review... you have a wonderful family members and they must be proud of you, for sure!!! I would like to have you on tour in the future ... :) Wholehearted, Koba

Marianne Skeen

United States

Tour: Svaneti-Tusheti private hiking tour, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Jul 31/18

An excellent trip, customized to fit the desires of our hiking group. Koba's extensive knowledge of the roads and trails allowed him to suggest options to accommodate varied interests and abilities of group members and to adjust to weather conditions. Koba is passionate about his country and conversant in its history. He was eager to share his knowledge and to show us as many interesting places as possible. His excellent driving kept us safe on challenging roads. Our 16 days with him were memorable!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: DEAR MARIANNE, I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Miss you all and hope to see you again!!! I wouldn't be so good without your friendly support!!! Thank YOU so much for the good review!!! Hugs from Georgia!!! :)

Debbie Chung


Tour: Tusheti-Kazbegi-Svaneti-trekking tour, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Jun 22/18

Koba was very knowledgeable and passionate about the areas we visited. We felt that he had a true love for his country and went out of his way to tailor our visit and make it as interesting for us as possible. Our itinerary was quite fluid and varied depending on how we felt on the day and how much time we had left after major activities (like hikes cycle etc) and visiting major sites. This allowed us to be flexible and our days often stretched on well into the night. Thank you Koba for a memorable trip!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much for everything that you did for me, especially for your warmth and friendly attitude! You are Amazing people. I enjoyed trips with you you know this :)... Wholehearted Koba :)

Patrick Dupuis


Tour: 3 days around Kazbegi and wine region, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Jun 8/18

le professionnalisme et l'expérience de Koba combinés à ses qualités d'écoute ont certainement contribué à rendre ces tours très captivants et d'un grand intérêt. Le gentillesse et la disponibilité de notre guide ont rendu ces trois jours très agréables et très détendants. Bien sûr nous reviendrons dans ce beau pays plein de charme et nous repartirons avec Koba....

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Mrs. And Mr. Dupuis and thank you for a good feedback... You are fantastically nice people. Wholehearted, Koba

Jocelyn McClelland

United States

Tour: Kazbegi region, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Jun 1/18

Koba is my HERO!! We spent 3 days with Koba and had a wonderful time! He is very knowledgeable about Georgian country and history. We drove to the Kazbegi region and stopped at several sites along the way for hiking. We spent the night at a lovely b&b which also fed us a delicious dinner. Coming home, we ended with a trip to a delicious winery where I left my purse. Koba, the day after our 3 day tour was over, went out of his way to get my purse and bring it to me in Tbilisi. Above and beyond! My hero!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Mrs. Mcleland, Thank you so much for the great review!!! I highly appreciate it. I want to underline that You are so nice and positive family. I wish I met you again for longer tour around my homeland. God save you all! Wholehearted, Koba :)

Jocelyn McClelland

United States

Tour: #30760, Kakheti Region (Wine Homeland) Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: May 31/18

Koba was a wonderful, knowledgeable tour guide!! It was a great tour, being able to see both historical sites and taste some phenomenal wine at small, local wineries. He was able to answer all our questions about wine as well as Georgian history. Highly recommend Koba and this tour!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Mrs. Mcleland, Thank you so much for the great review!!! I highly appreciate it. I want to underline that You are so nice and positive family. I wish I met you again for longer tour around my homeland. God save you all! Wholehearted, Koba :)

Stuart Smith

United Kingdom

Tour: #31583, Svaneti Private Tour - mountainous region, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: May 24/18

Koba was absolutely superb in every way. He was a wonderful tour guide; knowledgeable on the geography, history and culture of his beautiful country and shared it with warmth and wit. He expertly drove us safely, was flexible and helpful with our itinerary and was full of useful tips on restaurants and menu choices. Koba finished with a flourish when he organised a fabulous Georgian wine tasting session for us, which would take far too long to describe here. Thank you Koba, you were the best.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello my dears, I wouldn't have done all without your friendly treatment! I will never forget these wonderful and warm people, with high sense of humor! People from my "home village"... love you all! Warm hugs from me! Wholehearted, Koba

Brian D.

University Park, MDM, United States

Tour: #13488, Tbilisi/Mtskheta Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Apr 29/18

Koba was a great guide and translator during our short time in Tbilisi. His knowledge of the city and its people was truly amazing, and he shared his enthusiasm and interest in his country and its people. He dove right into our art project, working with local authorities to ensure we were able to carry out our interviews. He was a great help in approaching the local people and conducting interviews. His language skills are excellent, and he was a fun and interesting companion. Thank you, Koba!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much Mr. Dailey and Mrs. Grossman, for the excellent recommendation! I enjoyed your project very much. I would say that you, as nice and friendly persons, made me to accomplish my mission so good! ... Wholehearted, Koba :)

Cliff R.

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Tour: #13488, Tbilisi/Mtskheta Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Apr 5/18

Koba is a lovely fellow and a consummate professional. My wife had all kinds of specific sites that she wanted to see and he made sure to incorporate as much as possible into our itinerary. He assisted her with translation while shopping which was a very helpful benefit for her to acquire what she really wanted. He was very knowledgeable about all religions and how they all interact and make Tbilisi such a unique city.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Mr. Reston, Thank you so much the good review. I just one thing to all this - I couldn't do my job properly If you weren't this interesting as travelers... God bless you!

Scott Glass


Tour: #13488, Tbilisi/Mtskheta Private Tour, Tbilisi, Georgia    view tour
Date: Mar 4/18

Koba was amazing! 5 STAR +++++ We enjoyed our day immensely! Koba is extremely knowledgeable and our day was very entertaining. Thank you Koba for such a memorable and informative tour!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks a lot Mate... I also, enjoyed the tour with you! Have my respects :)

Thomas Montgomery

United States

Tour: The best of Tbilisi & Mtskheta (One Day Private Tour), Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Nov 7/17

Very personable, very helpful, always willing to do the extra. Highly professional. English is fine.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Mr. Montgomery, thank you so much for the great feedback. You were so Positive and nice persons that I wish all of my guests were just like you. With respect, Koba :)

Shivesh R.

United States

Tour: 3 days private tour, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date: Oct 6/17

Koba is a phenomenal guide ! Passionate about his country, he showed us all the important sites across 3-days with enthusiasm and care. He is very knowledgeable in all things history, politics, and culture. Above all, he is a genuine person, caring for our needs and willing to go out of his way to make us feel comfortable. He also knows the best restaurants and introduced us to some awesome Georgian food and wines. He was fun to be with and we had a GREAT time in Georgia. Highly recommended !!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much for the good review, dear Shivesh! You were always, constructive to me and very interesting as guests! I enjoyed every single day of our traveling!... thanks a lot again! Wholehearted, Koba