Traveler Ratings of Private Tours In Pristina-Kosovo by Tour Guide Vlado V.

Vlado V.
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Robert Neshevich


Tour: #148868, Macedonia Skopje Matka Lake Discovery Private Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Aug 25/19

My extended family of Macedonian Canadians took the day long tour of Skopje today. Our guides Vlado and Gotce were prompt knowledgeable and friendly. We were able to relax and rely on our guides to direct the tour and respond to our every request. Thanks Vlado

Emma Orford

United Kingdom

Tour: #486386, Customized tour for Emma Orford, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Jun 23/19

Vlado managed to arrange two separate day trips for me - one to Ohrid and one to Kosovo. Both guides went out of there way to show me around and were super flexible and accommodating. Extra bonus was been taken to some extra sites and also accommodating a drop off at Matka Canyon. Also communication via WhatsApp was great.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks see you again

Eugene Ottens

United States

Tour: #148929, Customized tour for Mr. Eugene Ottens, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Jun 20/19

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you for your positive review and it was pleasure to travel with Mr. Ottens

Richard Furniss

United Kingdom

Tour: #148868, Macedonia Skopje Matka Lake Discovery Private Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: May 5/19

Vlado is an excellent guide: friendly, chatty and extremely well informed. Highly recommended

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Sir. It has been pleasure in your nice company I learned from you. Wish you many new good trips and hope to see you again Regards

Carlos Rieder


Tour: #148868, Macedonia Skopje Matka Lake Discovery Private Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Oct 25/18

We booked one day tour to Lake Ohrid. 2h traveling by car, but we had some very interesting discussions about the life in Macedonia. Mike, our Guide, drives very safe, thanks. He knows a lot about the history and showed us interesting spots. We will come again, for sure.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank You so much, it has been pleasure to travel with you, and you are welcome any time in the future Regards and Happy hollidays and many new trips

George Weijzen


Tour: #148868, Customized Tour For George Weijzen, Pristina, Kosovo    view tour
Date: Apr 23/18

Just very interesting tour with nice guide

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank You Sir, You are always welcome to travel with us. All the best regards

Kristine MacMillan

Saudi Arabia

Tour: #150004, Skopje, Ohrid, Tirana Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Apr 10/18

Vlado was unable to do my tour but was able to provide an alternate guide named Angel who was very knowledgeable and a safe driver and I had a great time. Thanks so much!!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks I hope you will come again to visit Balla and always welcome

Daniel Simmons

United States

Tour: #286000, Timeless Macedonia Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Dec 16/17

I was only in Macedonia for 2 days, but Vlado made sure to maximize every moment of my time in-country. His pre-trip correspondence was always prompt and helpful, and after I arrived he showed me every possible courtesy, showing obvious pride and delight in his country. He made the itinerary very flexible according to my needs and desires, displaying a level of hospitality that I have seldom encountered in my travels elsewhere. I recommend his services highly and would happily travel with him again.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks a lot, it has been grate pleasure traveling with you, You are always welcome for amother tour around south eastern Europe Happy new year and many new trips

Wendy Marston


Tour: #148868, Macedonia Skopje Matka lake Discovery Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: May 20/17

Vlado was unable to take us on tour so organised alternate guides who were very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English

Ashley Cheechoo

United States

Tour: #150004, Customized 6 days tour trip Sofia, Kosovo and around Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: May 14/17

He is knowledgeable, patient, calm, kind and he made our trip so memorable. He took us to places we would not made the time to see and made our trip so much more enjoyable and interesting. I highly highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tour in Macedonia. He went above and beyond for our family and we are so grateful.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you for your visit, I am glad that you are satisfied with our service. You have one extra free day tour in on of our Balkans countries, I hope that I can provide you a good door to door service on your next trip. Thanks Regards

Steve Newcomer

United States

Tour: #148929, Fast Timeless Macedonia Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Apr 19/17

Superb knowledge of places visited, friendly and accommodating to my specific interests

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: It has been pleasure raveling with you, you are always welcome for another tour.Thanks

Netty M.


Tour: #148929, Capitol and Eastern Macedonia 4 days Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Oct 20/16

Our guide made the trip enjoyable. He was knowlegable curtious helpful, on time and very flexible. We recomend him to any group looking for a small-group personal tour guide.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you for the great time, and the great sense of humor, I have learned so much from You and found out that you really love macedonia and thanks for that. You are always welcome for another tour.

Georgios Mavrikos

United Kingdom

Tour: Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia
Date: Oct 1/16

Excellent tour, I am already planning my next trip with Vlado at the balcans.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank You Georgios. It has been a pleasure to travel with you. I hope next time you will see much more. All the best

Theodore Pappas

United States

Tour: #148929, Private customized tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Jul 4/16

Excellent Job!! Very prompt and committed to provide excellent service with great historical explanations of places visited. Would hire him anytime as a private guide. He makes you feel at ease.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you my Ort. brothers, it was fun and pleasure to travel with positive persons like you, and you are always welcome to visit Balkan and discover new nice areas and people around.

Daniel W. Alim


Tour: Daniel AIm Balkan Discovery Tour from 3 Jull, Skopje, Macedonia
Date: Jul 3/16

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Mr. DAniel. it has been pleasutre traveling with you, houp to see you again and all the best

Mariem Superfon

United States

Tour: Skopje, Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: Jun 25/16

Vlado and his assistant gave us a great overview of Skopje - as much as could be done in one day. He was very knowledgeable re his country and the city sights.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Madam Mariem, it has been pleasure to travel and learn from you and your husband,All the best with hope to see you again.

Marcio Rosa


Tour: 3 Countries / 4 Day Tour, Skopje, Macedonia
Date: May 28/16

It was very good in every way. Very helpful and knowledgeable guide and also very friendly person. I and my wife are happy with the guides and strongly recommend for our friends in Brazil.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank You Mr. Marcio It has been pleasure to travel with you. You are very happy couple, I was positively surprised of you knowledge about the world history and heritage, including the Balkan, especially about the Monastery Rilski. You and your familly are always welcome and we hope to see you again.

Fati Ansari

United Kingdom

Tour: #148929, Custom tour Skopje,Matka - Ohrid, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Apr 26/16

Vlado is down to earth, engaging, spirited, kind hearted and genuine. Passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, great energy-all in all, just a wonderful guide and an amazing experience. His fluency in English is great, very professional and made the trip accommodating to my needs. My tour had his own personal touch, this you do not get with many. He didn't mind that the plans were altered and he took me to all the hidden gems. Without a doubt I would be touring with him again! Thank You is not enough :-)

Nadila Fitria


Tour: Historical Islamic Tour Around Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia
Date: Apr 9/16

Lucky to have Vlado as our guide. He can provide information and our needs while traveling in Macedonia. He speaks great English, and know people in Macedonia. It was fun to travel with him.

Emily Young

United Kingdom

Tour: #148868, Macedonia Skopje Matka lake Discovery Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Oct 17/15

Vlado was the perfect host! He was super accommodating to our many demands and made us feel very welcome. The tour was absolutely magnificent, I couldn't recommend his tour more highly!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank You Emily, You were grate, always positive with good knowledge about everything,I learned a lot from you, regards to your friend. I hope to see you again

Sherif Farahat


Tour: #148868, Macedonia Discovery Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Sep 28/15

Mr VLADO together with Mr Ilia showed me Skopje, Matka lake and mountain arround They were very punctual,organized and very knowledhsble if history and culture which added a lot to my trip by not just seeing the magnificent monuments and attractions of Skopje but rather combine past,present and future and hence better understsnd snd be oriented with Macedonia and the Balkan Well done dear " tour by locals in selecting and providing me with Vlado and his compsnien They made my day!

Matti Heinila


Tour: #148868, Macedonia Skopje Matka lake Discovery Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Sep 8/15

Flexible company, it divided our tour on two days because of indipendece day of Macedonia. Ilija was a great guide, spoke clearly, payed attention to our interest and told us much about Macedonia and it's history. Thanks for those unforgettable days in Macedonia.

Thais Kofod


Tour: #150004, Beautiful Macedonia Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Jun 12/15

I knew from the very beginning that I had probably made a mistake by booking my 2 halfday tours through mr Vlado. The focus was not really on guiding me- it was more promoting himself, talking on his mobile, trying to sell extra tours & trashing his colleagues. I was told that the included airport transfers actually did have a payment, in cash as he did not have to pay % to the agency. So much for the honesty he likes to trash others for not keeping. Confusing, tiresome and unproffesional.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: I am always, (and I will) doing my best for my customers to be happy and satisfied,(and obviously they are, with some exception) but sometimes somebody is allowed to think and have own different opinion.The time will show who is correct.

TOURSBYLOCALS RESPONSE: The guide manager brought these concerns to Vlado and they both agreed that some practices need to be avoided.

Yuri Kivshar


Tour: #148868, Macedonia Discovery Tour, Skopje, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Apr 13/15

Skopje is a very interesting place to visit and many people do not know about the country and the capital—the city is booming with new construction works and many interesting monuments which are hard to understand or learn without an experience guide, so the guide service is the must. Vlado may also advice you on many other options and local travels, even to the neighboring less exciting places like Pristina in Kosovo or much more exciting country side and great nature. I enjoyed the visit very much !!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Yuri, it was pleasure to met you, thanks for the visit I hope we will see each other again, Spasiba

Megan Marfione


Tour: #148868, Kosovo and Ohrid Discovery Tour, Ohrid, Macedonia    view tour
Date: Mar 6/15

Vlado is very professional, speaks fluent English, and tells great jokes. As a local national, Vlado is very informative and answered any questions we had. He took his job as guide seriously and was very concerned about our comfort and safety throughout the trip. On our day trip to Kosovo, Vlado's son accompanied us, and he was simply a delight. His son speaks impeccable English and it was nice to have a group of four. Vlado took us to local eateries and even bartered with shopkeepers for us.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank You very much, You were very nice persons and culture persons, please send me few photos on FB or Skype. Wish you more trips and see you hope i hope, regards. Regards