Always use the ToursByLocals Message System

The ToursByLocals message system is designed so that you make your initial inquiry using a form on our website. When the guide sends you a response, you can just 'Reply' to his email message.

We ask that you always use this email address when communicating with our guides.

This ensures that your discussions can be read by you, your guide and if necessary, ToursByLocals staff. We can identify potential challenges and quickly rectify them through direct conversation with the guide. And should a conflict arise that requires escalation, we can refer to documentation to support you - the traveler.

An additional benefit of our system is that the tour guide never sees your email address, thus your privacy is protected.

When tour arrangements are made outside the system (via direct email, etc) there is NO RECORD of the details. In the event of a misunderstanding, there is no way to determine how it occurred, and ToursByLocals will not be able to assist you to resolve any problems.

Phone calls are similarly undocumented. As well, our guides spend their days guiding and cannot take business phone calls as it would detract from their guiding work.

IMPORTANT: When a booking is made, the final booking confirmation contains the guide's phone number for emergency or last minute changes (i.e.: ship arriving late, etc). Travelers can also provide their emergency contact info while travelling.

TourByLocals wants to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with its guides and travelers. Our guides represent ToursByLocals to the world, therefore ToursByLocals CANNOT be unaware of customer communications - which will be the case if communications take place outside of the message system.