Guide Requirements for Malaysia

All tour guides must be certified by Tourism Malaysia. There are specific requirements that are outlined:

Green License: (Localised nature tourist guide): The guide has gone through 1-2 weeks of training on certain nature locations which is stated on their badge and are allowed guiding only in that location.

Beige License: (Basic Tourist Guide): The guide has gone through 3 months Basic Tourist Guide training course and 3 months practical before he/she is required to sit for 4 categories of examination (Oral, Slides, Coach commentary, written) and need to pass the examination before getting the licence to start guiding.

Blue License: The guide would have been guiding for at least 2 years with a Beige Licence and has sat and passed the Confirmation Course and Examination (1 week) after 2 years.

These badges must be clearly displayed on the guide's person. report error