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Rostock Shore Excursion Tours

Visit Sachsenhausen national memorial - a former concentration camp and city of Berlin

Visit Sachsenhausen national memorial,...

Sachsenhausen national memorial and the city of Berlin

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Shore excursion Warnemünde-Berlin with a private guide and contemporary witness

Shore excursion Warnemünde-Berlin with,...

A private tour in compliance with your personal interests

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Warnemuende: Splendid German Riviera between Kuehlungsborn & Rostock

Warnemuende: Splendid German Riviera,...

Seaside Pleasure - Golf and Sightseeing

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Warnemuende: Highlights of Mecklenburg: Tour to Schwerin & Rostock

Warnemuende: Highlights of Mecklenburg:,...

Architectural delights: Disney world like castle of Schwerin, historic,...

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Warnemünde and the peninsula Fischland, Darss, Zingst

Warnemünde and the peninsula Fischland,,...

lovely peninsula, fishing villages, home of artists and seaside resorts

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Shore Excursion day to the Highlights of Berlin

Shore Excursion day to the Highlights,...


The Best of Berlin in one day

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Private shore excursion in a minivan - Berlin history tour (optionally with a visit of former concentration camp Sachsenhausen)

Private shore excursion in a minivan,...

Day trip from the port of Warnemünde or Wismar to Berlin focusing on,...

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Our Guides offer 22 unique (and customizable!) tours in Rostock.