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Private tour guide Chisato

Chisato M.

Seika, Kyoto, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (fluent), Mandarin (advanced), Taiwanese (advanced)

Biography: Hello. I am Chisato, originally from Kyoto. As a National Licensed Guide and a tour planner, I suggest unique itinerary with various experiences for ,...

Credentials: National English Guide Interpreter: (Government License No. EN00295) Domestic Travel Service Supervisor (Government License) Itinerary control manage,...

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Private tour guide Hide N

Hide N

Nabari, Mie, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello. I am Hideki, Hide for short, a licensed English-speaking tour guide. Born and raised in Osaka, I live in Mie prefecture (60 km from Osaka)now.,...

Credentials: A government licensed national tour guide in English since 2007 (Registration Number: EN00088 under Mie Prefecture) Kansai University graduate, major,...

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Private tour guide Masaki

Masaki H.

Nara, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello I'm Mike, a national licensed tour guide from Kyoto. Meeting with people is a gift of God for me. People sometimes ask me unexpected questions,...

Credentials: - A national licensed tour guide - Practical English Proficiency Grade 1

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Private tour guide Setsuko


Sennan Gun, Osaka, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello. I am Setsuko. I specialize in individual, tailor-made, private tours of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara. Although born in Tokyo, I grew up in Osak,...

Credentials: National licensed English guide (certification number: EN000737 Date of Issue: Feb 28,2008) Graduate from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. Af,...

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Private tour guide Kaori

Kaori K.

Kinokawa-City, Wakayama, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (fluent), Portuguese (basic), Spanish (basic)

Biography: Hello. I've been a guide specialized around Koyasan for over 20 years and always found it a lot of fun. Koyasan is my favorite place and it's a great,...

Credentials: National Guide Certificate (Wakayama No. EN00032)

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Private tour guide Keiko

Keiko J.

Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Cantonese (basic), Italian (advanced), Japanese (fluent), Malay (basic)

Biography: Hello everyone and Ciao a tutti! I love travelling, eating and learning languages!! Born in Tokyo, I grew up in Chiba in eastern Japan (Kanto region,...

Credentials: English speaking licensed tour guide since 2017 Italian speaking licensed tour guide since 2018 Licensed Domestic Itinerary Control Manager since 201,...

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Private tour guide Koji

Koji M.

Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (conversational), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Greetings, My name is Koji, a nationally certified English-speaking guide living in Kyotanabe city, Kyoto. First, let me welcome you to Japan and be,...

Credentials: National guide certificate in English (2015) Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification Test 2nd grade (2014) The National Examination for certified Domes,...

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Private tour guide Ciara

Ciara B.

Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (advanced)

Biography: Greetings! My name is Ciara, and I've been living in the Kansai area of Japan for eight years. As a university student, I spent three months studying,...

Credentials: I have four years' tour guiding experience. I've also been studying Japanese for over ten years, so I can assist you with most of your translation an,...

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Private tour guide Yoshiro


Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: I am a 3rd generation native Osakan and professional government licensed tour guide. I have guided visitors around many areas and 35 Prefectures of ,...

Credentials: A government licensed national tour guide in English a JAPAN GUIDE ASSOCIATION [A - grade (top grade)] member An authorized tour conductor

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Private tour guide Akira

Akira M.

Takaraduka, Hyogo, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello ! My name is Akira, but please call me Aki. I am a national licensed tour guide in English. I am specialized in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe and Hi,...

Credentials: - National guide certificate (registration number EN00593) English - Certificate of Authorized Tour Conductor (registration number 05-15-D043954)

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Private tour guide Kenzo

Kenzo S.

Kyoto-city, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Thank you very much for seeing my profile! I'm a government licensed tour guide, having 10-year guiding experience in Kyoto. I'm so passionate about,...

Credentials: I have a national certificate of an English speaking guide, registered in Kyoto Prefecture. My cert.No. is EN00278.

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Private tour guide Hiroko

Hiroko K.

Kishiwada, Osaka, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Hi, I'm Hiroko. Thank you very much for choosing my tour. I've been working as a licensed guide/interpreter since 2008. I guide mainly for private o,...

Credentials: Guide License No.EN00760 since 2008

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Private tour guide Mitsuyuki

Mitsuyuki N.

Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: I had been working as an English-speaking taxi driver in Kyoto for about 4 years from March 2012 to May 2016. During that time I guided many visitors,...

Credentials: Licensed English Tour Guide Professional driver 2nd Grade Kyoto History & Culture Test 1st Grade English Proficiency Test

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Private tour guide Tomoko

Tomoko H.

Kyoto, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hi! I'm Tomoko and I'm a national licensed tour guide in Japan. I specialize in tours of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. But I can take you to different citie,...

Credentials: I'm a national licensed English speaking tour guide. My National Gide Certificate is #EN00259. I graduated from Doshisha University, English Litera,...

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Private tour guide Hisao

Hisao M.

Osaka, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Hi! Nice to e-meet you! Call me Hisa. I've spent much of my life in Kyoto and Osaka. I know a lot about Kyoto as I studied at Kyoto University. I was,...

Credentials: I have been a vacation rental host and a personal tour guide since the winter 2017. I graduated from Kyoto University and also studied at Oxford, UK.,...

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Private tour guide Chizuko

Chizuko H.

Kyoto, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello. I'm Chizuko, a licensed tour guide living in Kyoto. Kyoto has a lot of historical, cultural and scenic places worth visiting. I'll show you ar,...

Credentials: a certified guide since 2009 I've taught foreign tourists Japanese culture such as Japanese cooking,the tea ceremony and folding paper (Origami) for ,...

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Private tour guide Yoriko

Yoriko O.

Suita, Osaka, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hi! My name is Yoriko. I was born and brought up in Osaka in Japan. Now I have a family with my husband, one son and one daughter. I have an experien,...

Credentials: ・National guide license ・License for teaching English at junior/senior high school

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Private tour guide Ahmed

Ahmed A.

Kyoto, Japan

Languages: Japanese (basic), Arabic (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My name is Ahmed. I was born in Kuwait in 1982. I started learning English at a young age in high school, then got my medicine in 2008. I came to Kyo,...

Credentials: Tour guiding training -City of Kyoto Visitors Host

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Private tour guide Toyoko

Toyoko M.

Osaka city, Osaka, Japan

Languages: English (advanced)

Biography: Hello. I have been a licensed tour guide since February 2010. My license is certified by the Japanese government. I have lived in Osaka since I was b,...

Credentials: I've been a licensed English-speaking tour guide certified by the Japanese government since February 2010.

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Private tour guide Ken

Ken S.

Kyoto, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Hi, my name is Ken. I am a Kyoto native ( born and grown up till 23 years old) with 16 years of business life in the USA. I am a private tour guide, ,...

Credentials: A government licensed national tour guide in English since 2010. A government licensed Customs House broker, that can facilitate you with consultancy,...

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