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Igor K.

Odessa, Ukraine

I have been guiding tourists and other visitors to Ukraine since 1999.

Initially I started as a translator, then interpreter, a guide and jack-of-all-trades for my customers, and finally a tour guide.

It is far more than translation that I offer now: I provide full service to a newcomer in Ukraine as well as to someone who has been around. This includes but is not limited to: helping to get around, finding accommodation, providing transportation, advising on local customs and ways, telling interesting facts and history, showing historical locations, sights, museums, making tours, arranging communication, hiring cars or being your driver, looking for people on your behalf (relatives, friends, business partners), introducing to Jewish/Greek/other heritage, researching genealogy and many other activities and needs you may have. So I am your ultimate guide, assistant and aide, and sometimes even a bodyguard while you are in Ukraine. I can be of help in case you are interested in:

• sightseeing, tourism, holiday-making, exploring culture, enjoying nature
• business, marketing
• genealogy, history, ancestry, searching for people
• romance, dating
• just having fun, eating out, clubbing, etc.

I used to have two homes: Odessa (where I was born) and the Crimea, and had shuttled between them every month until the war started. More than that, I have been to nearly all 25 of Ukraine's major towns and many smaller places, and I work anywhere you need me in Ukraine.


1. Let me know how I can recognize you. Be precise about the meeting location. If you want me to have a sign with your name, let me know in advance. If you can't see me within 5 minutes, call me directly.
2. I cannot be held responsible if there is a problem with external services like taxis, restaurants, museums, etc. I do my best to make sure everything is smooth. But if something is not my fault, it is really NOT. Please do not give me a poor rating if a place happened to be closed! Choose the best start time for your tour wittingly and take into account opening hours. Contact me for details.
3. Tipping is not mandatory. In Ukraine you only tip if you actually like the service a lot and would rate it high here. However, it is best to leave a good review here instead.
4. I always try to do my best but anyone can make a mistake, and I can't read your mind. If there is a problem or you need something, let me know directly during the tour so that I can fix it. You are the boss!
5. My cars are not air-conditioned and not brand-new, there are no seat belts. They are classical cars from the 1960s in a very good running condition. If it is a problem I can arrange another car, but this will require a custom tour.
6. While driving I cannot talk and show sights as usual because I have to concentrate on driving. This is your safety.
7. When walking together in the town, do not get behind and stretch around; stay as close to me and others as possible. If I walk too fast for you, just tell me.
8. Make sure you all agree with your fellow travelers on everything.
9. Some locations might be skipped. Others might be added.
10. The tour duration is for reference; your actual tour may last longer or shorter. I don't sell hours but tours and experience.
11. If you are interested in particulars about a certain place please let me know in advance so that I can research it. I may not know absolutely everything about any location when asked off-hand. A guide is not a Doctor of Science in history!
12. Finally, please understand that this is Tours_By_LOCALS, and you should not expect everything to be like at home. Some things may be quite different, but please bear with that.


P. S. There might be other guides here who my customers could confuse with me because they have similar names. Please be careful: my name is Igor K. (not Iegor, etc. ).

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This tour is for those who are not whiners, who are not precious, not afraid of seeing the real Odessa from a knowledgeable and professional guide. We are photographers and wish we'd hired Igor for a few days whilst in Odessa. You will see the depressive areas, the abandoned buildings, the railways, the backstreets, the old parks and cemeteries, and hear the history.....but all is dependent on what day, time and whether. If not open - it's not open. Igor can customize the tour. Thanks Igor!!!
Peter Adams

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- Certificate of Odessa State School of Foreign Languages, English Department, graduated in 1999,
- Certificate of the Guide School at Odessa National Economics University, graduated in 2011,
- Guide License 0113-2016 issued by Odessa Municipal Tourism Department.


• Call me if you don't see me in 5 m
• 0 responsibility for 3rd parties
• A problem? Tell me directly
• No A/C&seat belts in my car
• May not know everything about some places
• Some places may be skipped

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