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Daniel B.

Boston, MA, United States

I'm a Boston-based actor and producer, who loves a good story or a great joke.

I played sports in high school (mostly baseball), but slowly drifted towards theatre and chorus, so I'm part jock, part nerd, but hopefully you'll find me charming, as well. I have a BFA in Theater Arts from Boston University, which is what brought me to Boston, but I also studied physics while at BU to satisfy my curiosities on how the world works.

I grew up in North Carolina, moved here at the age of 18, and honestly didn't like Boston when I first started living here. Both the people and the weather seemed too cold. It took two and a half years for to grow on me, but I can now say, without hyperbole or exaggeration, that Boston is the most fantastic city ever made in the history of humankind.

OK. Maybe not, but it's at least in the top 10. I love it here, and I can explain to you, as my guests, exactly why I love it. I'll help you love it, too, by peeling back the layer that took me two and a half years to break through. I seem to get along exceedingly well with Canadians, Australians, Irish folks, and well-traveled Britons. I speak a little Spanish, and decent Italian, though I don't think I could do a whole tour in either. I also get along well with every American I've ever met. I grew up down South, and live up North, which has helped.

After a few years of giving Freedom Trail Tours, I started my own tour company in 2011. I've researched and written 14 tours around Greater Boston. I have trained and employed over 80 people in the years since, as well as producing theatrical productions along the way. My tours are meant to be entertaining, funny, educational, and mind-blowing.

There are two sides to me.
First, the more angelic and refined:
As an artist, I appreciate fine culture. For me, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is second in the world only to the Musée D'Orsay in Paris in terms of best museums. I'm in the local theatre scene often, so am happy to recommend the best plays on, or help find tickets to a good show. I love fine wine, whisky, and other well-crafted spirits. I get along smashingly with kids and seniors. Accurate history is important to me, as are simple, easy-to-understand explanations of the truly incredible scientific research happening here. I take deep pride in my work, and enjoy it on a level that is infectious, and will get you jazzed about the story, as well.

The less refined/devil side (families and well-refined folks, please skip this paragraph):
I'm a fan of good beer, pizza, bahn mi sandwiches, oysters, burritos. I love to smoke, though I haven't had a cigarette in 6 years, so don't tempt me with one of those! I like a good joke, whether clean or dirty, and I love a good limerick or toast, preferably dirty, but I know lots of clean ones. I love a good Ghost Tour, or murder mystery. I can find you mini-golf, go-karts, or the best bar in town. I like to have fun, and will help you find whatever fun or mischief you're after, as long as it's legal.

I try to focus on famous folks in history, either nationally (if you're from the US), or internationally (if you aren't). I'm still young enough to be full of enthusiasm and passion, but I do have kids now, so I'm appropriately responsible with that passion. I have a good sense of humor, and am intensely curious about the world around me. If you're also curious, we'll get along perfectly. Looking forward to it.

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Daniel was brilliant! Friendly, knowledgable and able to present a wealth of historical information through entertaining storytelling. His calm manner and acting background are clear strengths that enable him to communicate with ease and impact. We were mesmerised (along with everyone else around us) by his recital of the first verses of Paul Revere's Ride in the middle of the street. This was definitely the highlight of our time in Boston.
Catherine J.

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