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Private tour guide Susan

Susan Y.

Beijing, China

Languages: American Sign Language (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello, my friends, Nice to meet you here, I'm Susan in Beijing. Being proud of the city where I lived and studied, I became a tour guide 6 years ago ,...

Credentials: China English licensed guide since 2012

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Private tour guide Linda


Beijing, Xicheng, China

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: WARMLY WELCOME TO BEIJING! I'm Linda, To be a licensed officially English tour guide more than 10 years in Beijing. How happy we are, To meet friends,...

Credentials: Intermediate Officially Tour Guide In 2006

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Private tour guide Cathy

Cathy Z.

Beijing, China

Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Biography: Hi , welcome join in Cathy's private tour , have a comfortable and pleasant tour at Beijing ! My name is Cathy , a native Beijinger , was born at su,...

Credentials: 2008 — Got English guide certificate license . 2012 — Got Top 2 English tour guide from China ( Beijing , xi'an , shanghai , guilin , Hongkong etc a,...

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Private tour guide Sarah

Sarah Z.

Beijing, Bejing, China

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hi everyone, this is Sarah your new friend while you are travelling Beijing. I'm study in Beijing, I love travelling, so I got my bachelor's degree o,...

Credentials: - An official English tour guide licensed by China Tourism administration. - My electronic guide license NO is MJ476930

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Private tour guide Cindy

Cindy C.

Beijing, China

Languages: American Sign Language (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Cindy. I am a licensed International Tour Guide. I live in Beijing, and I have been a licensed tour guide for more than 7 years. My,...

Credentials: - I have been a licensed tour guide for more than 7 years. - I have worked for my government tour agency, and some other private tour agencies. - I,...

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Private tour guide Alice


Beijing, China

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello all my dear friends! "Ni Hao!" Welcome to China and Welcome to Beijing! My name is Alice. I'm not only a licensed tour guide but also eager to ,...

Credentials: I obtained the Mandarin speaking tour guide certificate in 2009. And in the next year, I passed the national tourist examination to get the English s,...

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Private tour guide Alexandra

Alexandra L.

Beijing, China

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Greetings and salutations, my name is Alex, a fully licensed tour guide and has been applying my trade for more than 15 years. As a Beijing native, I,...

Credentials: Tour guide license issued by China National tourism Administration. the certificate number is D-1100-015847

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Private tour guide Serena

Serena Z.

Beijing, China

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: Hi, my name is Serena Zhang and I have been a professional English speaking tour guide for Beijing, and China more generally, for over eleven years. ,...

Credentials: I got the English intermediate level tour guide certificate in 2011.

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Private tour guide Paul

Paul L.

Beijing, China

Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent), Russian (conversational)

Biography: Hi everyone, my name is Paul and I spent the entire life in the capital city of Beijing. In 2007 I began to guide foreign tourists to see the lovely ,...

Credentials: I am a certificated English-speaking tour guide, with 25 years experience of driving.

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Private tour guide Kai

Kai C.

Beijing, China

Languages: English (fluent), Cantonese (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to Beijing, China! I am your friendly guide with 6 years experience and a member of Beijing Tour Guide Assosiation. If you like history, cul,...

Credentials: Chinese Tour Guide ID. Safty Driving Skill Certificate.

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Private tour guide Michael

Michael W.

Beijing, China

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My English name is Michael, I am a local Beijinger and grew up from my city, with considerate and professional travel services in Beijing, I am a 10 ,...

Credentials: China English tour guide certificate

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Private tour guide Roy

Roy L.

Beijing, China

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), French (basic), English (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to China and Beijing. My name is Roy, a professional tour guide and I have the guide certificate issued by the Beijing government. I used to,...

Credentials: - A certified tour guide in Beijing since 2010 - I majored is tourism for four years at university

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Private tour guide Sonia C.

Sonia C.

Beijing, China

Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Biography: A great vacation begins with a great tour guide. Hello, I am Sonia - your reliable local guide in Beijing. I originally became a tour guide because ,...

Credentials: Tour guide license issued by China national tourism administration.

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Private tour guide Mary

Mary Y.

Beijing, China

Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Biography: Hello, Dear friends, Ni Hao Ma Once shaking hands, Good friends forever! My name is Mary. I am an official tour guide who has the guide certificat,...

Credentials: Tour guide license issued by Beijing national tourism administration of China. The certificate number is: UNF1950I

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Private tour guide Sunny


Beijing, China

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Welcome! My name is Sunny and I am a licensed tour guide providing private tours in English since 2009. As a licensed International Tour Guide I ha,...

Credentials: Licensed International Tour Guide since 2009.

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Guide Requirements for Beijing-China

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